The Change Leadership Summit was a joy to present both professionally and personally.  Sharing and learning from our fantastic speakers was a highlight for me and I hope you were able to integrate their insights and expertise to develop a new understanding of how to truly lead.

One common theme emerged, and I’ve been thinking quite a bit about how this applies to leading change. Leadership is not a particular set of skills or a tool we can apply, but rather the sum of who we are as people.  Our own development journey is as important as the tools and methodologies we rely on as change leaders.

Planning and preparing for change matters.  As one of many change professionals who recognize the importance of using a comprehensive toolkit, I’ve developed a toolkit to successfully lead change, there is great value in strategy, methodology and tools. However, I believe the tactical aspects of change are what ensures people are ready for the change.

We’ll be focusing on Business Readiness for our Change and Innovation Summit in the fall.  Just like the optical illusion – where we see either an old woman, or a young woman, change management and business readiness are two perspectives of the same image.  The strategic direction and tactical preparation are both essential to change.  Looking at change through the lens of Business Readiness is exciting to me and I’m looking forward to sharing even more ideas, insights and expertise with you in the months ahead.  Let’s continue this discussion as we look at how to connect, communicate and collaborate in meaningful ways to ensure the business is ready for change.