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Are your people prepared for change?Or will you experience:
  • high turnover?

  • diminished morale?

  • team frustration?

 Learn immediately actionable ideas to get business ready for change!

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April speaks frequently to organizations about preparing people for change and leading a positive workplace. Her Keynotes and programs resonate with front line staff as well as leaders.

April believes that no one should have to suffer through an unorganized, poorly managed change and the resulting negativity. Preparing for change with a people centered focus helps realize the benefit of the change.

One of the “First 100” Certified Change Management Professionals (CCMP™) certified by the Association of Change Management Professionals, April is also a PMP, Project Management Professional and Past President of the Michigan National Speakers Association. April has been profiled in Time Magazine, The New York Times and is author of Change Management DIY and Springboard to Success.

April's Programs

Creating and Sustaining a Positive Workplace

Breaking the 7 habits of Negativity and other secrets of getting along
Turnover, stress related illness & disengagement are signs of a problematic workplace and according to the most recent Gallup polls, nearly 70% of employees are unhappy or disengaged at work.
This presentation provides humorous insight into the 7 habits of negativity, including tips to stop gossip, techniques for getting along with others and strategies to reap the many benefits of a positive and engaged workforce.
-Discover actionable strategies to help re-route negative behaviors.
-Learn how to eliminate negative contagion to improve workplace culture.
-Develop a six-step approach to share a positive vision and increase job satisfaction.

Leading Successful Change

Leading Successful Change
How to use Business Readiness today to prepare your team for tomorrow
We know change is inevitable - but do you know how to help your team, organization and stakeholders to prepare?
As an organizational change management expert who focuses on getting the business ready for change, I’ve developed a five step process of business readiness.
Discover the tools, techniques and mindset needed to lead lasting and transformational change within your organization.
You will learn:
-Why using organizational change management with a focus on business readiness increases engagement and project success.
-How to use tools and techniques to lead change in your organization.
-How to identify and respond to readiness resistors
-When to implement steps to increase your project or initiative success

Change Management DIY

Productivity loss can be significant with poorly managed change. As unprepared employees struggle with the changed environment they experience disengagement which may result in high turnover, negativity and frustration, as well as the use of shadow systems or manual workarounds. Preparing people to quickly adopt and use the change, whether it is technological, cultural or a programmatic can make the difference between success and failure.
April will guide you through the framework, tips and techniques to successfully lead change.
You will learn:
-Why using organizational change management increases engagement and project success
-How to use tools and techniques to build your change management plan
-How to leverage your training skills to lead successful change

Springboard Consulting

Poorly managed change decreases productivity and morale, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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“April spoke for us most recently on the topic of change management. Not only was she very engaging and extremely knowledgeable about this topic, but she also gave attendees actionable steps they could take with them and use in their work environment.
I would highly recommend April as a speaker for your group or organization. She’s knowledgeable about her topics and a great and engaging speaker.”

-Diane Fox
President of the Association for Talent Development Detroit

“April came out and spoke with our group last week about breaking negative habits and leading a positive workplace. This is the first time in a long time that I can remember our attendees walking out and thanking us for finding someone who really engage them and addressed a problem that they’re having at work. It was really fantastic and we highly recommend her.”

-Jen DeGregorio
Administrative Manager for University Event Planners