In the Midwest region of the United States, specifically in Michigan, where I live – it is Winter. It is cold, snowy, windy, mushy – did I mention polar vortex cold?

It is my least favorite season.  I tolerate Winter, I put my head down, my gloves on and try to just make it through. As Van Morrison sang in Fire in the belly  “Gotta get through January, Gotta get through February”- that is the theme that plays in my head all winter long.

And yet, it is a productive season. A time for preparation and germination.  We would not appreciate the warmth and growth of Spring if not for the preceding months of preparation that is Winter.  As the weather warms and new growth begins, the preparation that was done underground for vegetation and completed personally through professional development, blossoms and flourishes.  This year, the season of preparation for professional growth is easier.  We are offering the Change Leadership Summit , a free online event to provide professional development for leaders and emerging leaders the week of February 25th – March 1st.

The remarkable guests on the  Change Leadership Summit provide an unparalleled opportunity to learn from their expertise, experience and candor how to best lead people and help you thrive in a challenging, changing environment.   The Summit is online & virtual which means you don’t have to travel or even leave your desk to learn from amazing leaders. We hope you take advantage of this excellent way to prepare yourself to blossom and flourish in your season of leadership.