Do you remember when you were very young and had to have help with things like tying your shoes, cutting up your food and even combing your hair?  I remember trying to cut a heart shape out of paper and I couldn’t control the scissors. I was frustrated as I tried to cut out the shape and crumbled up my paper.  My Mother was a patient person, she gave me a new sheet of paper and showed me how to fold and then cut the shape out.  I tried again, and my effort was somewhat better, but the thing I remember most was watching her, looking at her hands and trying to replicate how it was done, so that I could then succeed myself.

Learning from others comes naturally to us.  When we watch someone, who has mastered what we are looking to learn, we experience it in an entirely different way.

In January we are hosting a free, online virtual summit to provide you with guidance and techniques to assist you in your journey of leadership.

The Change and Innovation Leadership Summit will be offered the week of January 21st – 25th.  Leaders from many different industries and differing perspectives will share their knowledge and experience with you as you look to learn more about leading yourself and others.

My hope for you is that the Change Leadership Summit will give you the guidance you need to be the leader you desire and that others deserve.

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